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Yoruba religion : 2017 Ifa’s Predictions for Cuba and the World

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Miguel-Febles-Padron @

The Letter of the Year is a guide for the upcoming year for millions of Cuban people who practice the Yoruba religion on the island and in the world. There used to be two versions, one published by the Cuban Yoruba Association and the other by the Miguel Febles Padron Letter of the Year Committee, the two main Yoruba religion groups on the island. Our familly belong to the Commission Miguel Febles Padron. Since last year, the Letter of the Year is now issued as a joint publication by the two groups. The following is the joint 2017 Letter of the Year from Cuba.

Ifa’s Predictions for Cuba and the World

Ruling sign: Baba Egiobe

Ogbe Roso

Otura Aira

Prophecy: Aye Oyale Tesi Lese Olofi will come (Economic development force, firm and secure which Olofi gives)

Onishe Olofi. Pray to Olofi, offering several kinds of fruit and two candles.

Onishe Ara. Sarayeye at Ogun’s feet with two doves and 9 different colored ribbons, and other ingredients.

Ruling deity: Oggun

Accompanying deity: Yemaya

Flag: Green and blue flag

Ebbo: A rooster, 7 machetes, garbage from the seashore, fruit peels, eku, ella, awado, oti, omi, oni, all kinds of grains and other ingredients

Sign proverbs:

  • One king alone will rule the people.
  • No hat can be more famous than the crown.
  • The hand cannot be bigger than your head, not by width or length.
  • Wisdom, understanding and thought are the forces which move the Earth.
  • I have everything and nothing.
  • It’s a mistake to not learn from the mistakes you’ve made.

Born in this sign:

  • The beginning of everything
  • Here the people’s will speaks.
  • Blood vessels and blood
  • Unity and the struggle between opposites
  • Separation and discord
  • Water and palm trees were born

Sign rituals: Wash the body with indigo water and clean inside the house with indigo water, leaving it for a little while and then washing it down with the same water.

Plants of this sign: Pomegranate, ceiba tree


  • We should be very organized in all aspects of our life so as to ensure a better lifestyle.
  • We have to act fairly and properly to prevent disgrace, as this would lead to different reactions which will affect people’s relationships with others.
  • This year, after consulting with our godparents, we should all  darnos un pargo a la cabeza (literally: stroke ourselves on the head with a pargo fish).
  • Avoid taking drugs and drinking alcohol in excess.
  • It’s recommended that people wear white.
  • We have to turn to our elders, and respect them so as to always have their blessing, and Olodumare’s too.
  • Look after ourselves so we don’t get respiratory diseases or suffer from disease in the digestive tract, the cardiovascular system, the lungs, eyes, kidneys, backbone and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • We must remain united, as a family and as a religious group.
  • We have to find strength in reason and not reason in strength.
  • We have to pay great attention to the possible boom in corruption and theft cases as well as the squandering of public funds.
  • Pay special attention to climate phenomena which can lead to losses, such as sea flooding, earthquakes, heavy rain, floods, hurricanes, etc.
  • We have to pay more attention to the education of our children and to the values of humankind.
  • We shouldn’t eat old food and sandy fruit so as to prevent digestive problems.
  • We must be humble and simple, to avoid arrogance, bad tempers and bad behavior with others.
  • Look after our hygiene in all respects.
  • Encourage good working habits, the sense of belonging and love of work in all social sectors.
  • Encourage economic and socio-cultural change between countries.
  • Only commit ourselves to what we are capable of doing.
  • Avoid delegating to others what is our responsibility to do.
  • Protect coastal areas and prevent pollution due to garbage and waste which affects ecosystems and people’s health.
  • Insist on organization at work and within the family, which will allow us to reach agreements, preventing violence.