The pantheon of orishas. Shango

shango He is the god of lightning, thunder, fire, war, Bata drums, dance, music, and masculine beauty. He is the patron of warriors.

Shango has had affairs with all the female Orishas. He represents the greatest number of virtues as well as human imperfections: hard working, brave, a loyal friend, fortuneteller and healer, he is also quarrelsome, a liar, a womanizer, a braggart, and a gambler.

He has had three wives: Oba, his lawful wife, Oshun, with whom he had the Ibeyis, and Oya.

Shango likes to ride, and his horse is his inseparable companion. He lives in a wooden receptacle with a lid.

His colors are red and white, and his number is 6.

He is syncretized with Saint Barbara and is celebrated December 4.

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