The pantheon of orishas. Oya

Oya She is the goddess of strong winds and tornados, lightning, storms and rains. She rules over the dead and is the guardian of the cemetery. Together with Oba and Yewa she forms the trilogy of the female Orishas that live in the cemetery. She is invoked to escape death and to keep away the spirits of the dead.

She is learned, a fierce warrior, and has a violent and impetuous character. When she descends she only does war dances. She was the wife of Shango and accompanied him in war with an army of spirits and fought with lightning and two swords. Her dress of nine colors sways with her cry of war. She is the only female warrior that is crowned.

Her colors are brown and white, and her number is 9.

She is syncretized with the Virgin of Candelaria and with Saint Teresa and is celebrated February 2 and October 15.

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