The pantheon of orishas. Osun

Osun He is a major orisha who acts as a messenger to Obatala and Olofin. Orula relies on him to obtain the power and knowledge needed for divination. He is the one who guards the head of believers. He represents life and the stability of the initiated.

This orisha does not have necklaces. He is received at the same time as the warriors: Eleggua, Oggun and Oshosi.

He lives above the ground, so that he is taller than human beings, or on the ground, depending on the religious family. If he falls to earth, it is a sign of misfortune and the godfather must be consulted as to the cause.

All colors are his, because “osun” means color or paint.

He has no receptacle, because he takes the form of a cup crowned with a rooster that holds its contents.

He is syncretized with Saint John the Baptist.

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