The pantheon of orishas. Oshosi

Oshosi He is a hunter, an explorer and the protector of warriors. He is closely tied to the orisha Obatala, whose translator he is. Oshosi guides human beings, dictates the rules they must follow and how they should act in society.

Oggun, who rules over metal, always accompanies Oshosi, the hunter. They live in the same iron receptacle and are always together.

The son of Yemaya, Oshosi abandoned his mother to go to live with Osain, the divinity of plants and herbs.

He is the patron of those who have problems with the law, of magicians, hunters, and fishermen. He is especially venerated before going to court and to avoid imprisonment.

His colors are blue and yellow, and his numbers are 3 and 7. His attributes are all hunting and fishing instruments or a set of handcuffs.

He is syncretized with Saint Norbert and is celebrated June 6.

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