The pantheon of orishas. Eleggua

Eleggua He is the master of the paths, crossroads and gates of this world. Known as Elegba or Eleggua, he is the god of luck, but also of accidents. He is found at the intersection between humanity and the divine, and is the intermediary between Olorun and human beings, whose offerings and messages he takes to the orishas and the supreme god.

Before the gods are invoked, first Eshu is invited to open the doors of communication between this world and that of the orishas. Nothing can be done in this world or in the other without the permission of Eleggua. The figure of Eleggua is closely tied to that of Eshu, the incarnation of the problems of humankind.

The pair Eleggua-Eshu represents the mythical relationship between the positive and the negative. Eleggua resides in the entrance to the home to protect the family from the vagabond Eshu, who always brings problems with him.

He is a major orisha who holds the keys to destiny and opens the doors to happiness or disgrace. He personifies chance and death. He is seen as a child, which is why he is mischievous, mocking, and somewhat foolish, but a hard worker for those who possess and believe in him.

He is the child of Obatala and Yemu and the first in a group of four warriors: Eleggua, Oggun, Oshosi and Osun, whose task it is to protect the believers that receive them.

He always carries his “garabato”, a forked stick that enables him to separate weeds and branches, opening and closing the paths of life. He lives behind doors and personifies the comedy of destiny that is in the hands of a child that at times seems to laugh at us.

His colors are red and black. All the objects that children use in their games are attributed to him. His number is 3.

He is syncretized with Saint Anthony of Padova and he is celebrated January 6 and June 13.

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