The ethical code of IFA

IFA The ethical code of IFA was born in the Oddu Ika Fun. It is a set of rules of Osha-Ifa (Santeria) to be observed by believers as well as babalawos.

These rules are:

The awo (babalawo) is not to say what he does not know.
The awo should not perform ceremonies which he does not have the necessary knowledge.
The awo must not direct a person to take a wrong path.
The awo should not mislead people.
The awo should not show himself a wise if it is not.
The awo must be humble and not be egocentric.
The awo must not be malicious.
The awo must not break the taboos nor the interdictions.
The awo must maintain its own working tools.
The awo must maintain its Ile (home-temple).
Awo must respect the weakest.
The awo must respect the elders.
The awo must respect the laws of morality.
The awo should never betray a friend.
The awo should not reveal its secrets.
The awo must respect other AWOS.
The awo’s responsibility are to conduct themselves with honesty and to respect the rules of IFA.

These rules relate are not only for the babalawos but for all IFA believers.
That Olodumare be with you.

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