The 25th of june is the day of Oke in the Santeria

Oke is the Orisha of the hill, of the mountains and of the heights, all elevations of the earth. It represents the perfection of the primordial state of man that is born of Olodumare and returns to him. It symbolises the mysteries of Olofin and the firmness of Mother Earth. With it’s Ota (stone), he pound the herbs or Ashé del Orisha and any type of powder.

His cult comes from Abeokuta and Ibadan, where he was worshiped on the floor covered with a mat there is a bottle painted in white, with a hole in the top where the animals were sacrificed. As the guardian of Ibadan in the war with Ife, he took refuge in the mountain of Oshuntá. Its name comes from the Yorùbá Òké (height, elevation, greatness).

He forms an important trilogy with Oggué and Orisha Oko, with whom all the movements of the earth rule. Brother of Oshosi and Inlé, but inseparable from Obbatalá. He lives on the floor in front of the basket, although in some houses in Cuba he is located next to Obbatalá and in other cases even inside the it. It is an Orisha of foundation, the sons of Yemayá receive it on the left shoulder.

Its receptacle is a tureen, which contains its unique Ota, which is round and flat, white, black or caramel and covered with cotton. His offerings are the same as Obbatalá and his color and number of vibration correspond to him. He does not own Elekes and speaks through the diloggún in Eyeunle Meyi. His Ewe are alacrancillo, bejuco guaro and candelilla.

He has no specific greeting, more than Maferefún Oke!