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How to prepare a sacred altar at home

Before creating a “Spiritual Boveda” Spiritual Altar to the ancestors, several preliminary steps need to occur. First the room should be clean and neat. After the alter is configured it should stay as clean as possible. Ifa teaches that dirt and disorder can attract unwanted spiritual forces.This may seem simplistic,Read More

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Spiritim : Song for a spiritual mess

Today’s text is part of the many songs that are used for the Spiritual Mess. The song’s name is « Who is calling » it is a warning to the people that when you call the unknown it has to be treated with respect. Share this article

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While the power of the Orishas is legendary, one doesn’t become initiated for power or for money. Instead initiations in Santeria help the person to move forward in their lives, often in specific ways and impart the aché or spiritual power of the Orishas into your life. There are a number of levels of initiation, and the knowledge you gain deepens as well as the commitment expected of you by the Orishas and your Godparents.

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