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Osha Ifa Rules

Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros; the divine sayings from the letters (signs) of the Dilogún as well as those from the Odun of Ifa; the Ethics Code of such Odun and the Moral Commandments of Ika Fun Odun of Ifa are strongly related to a solid tradition and experience based on religious practice of Olosha, Babalosha, Iyalosha, Oluwo Osain, Oba or Oriate Babalawo and Oluo.

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The pantheon of orishas. Oya

She is the goddess of strong winds and tornados, lightning, storms and rains. She rules over the dead and is the guardian of the cemetery. Together with Oba and Yewa she forms the trilogy of the female Orishas that live in the cemetery. She is invoked to escape death andRead More

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The pantheon of orishas. Shango

 He is the god of lightning, thunder, fire, war, Bata drums, dance, music, and masculine beauty. He is the patron of warriors. Shango has had affairs with all the female Orishas. He represents the greatest number of virtues as well as human imperfections: hard working, brave, a loyal friend, fortunetellerRead More

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The pantheon of orishas. Osun

He is a major orisha who acts as a messenger to Obatala and Olofin. Orula relies on him to obtain the power and knowledge needed for divination. He is the one who guards the head of believers. He represents life and the stability of the initiated. This orisha does notRead More

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The pantheon of orishas. Oshosi

He is a hunter, an explorer and the protector of warriors. He is closely tied to the orisha Obatala, whose translator he is. Oshosi guides human beings, dictates the rules they must follow and how they should act in society. Oggun, who rules over metal, always accompanies Oshosi, the hunter.Read More

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