Santeria : The dead give birth to the orishas
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Ancestral spirits are one of the most important aspects to the Rule of Osha, both in daily practice and in every ritual we perform. In the religion of Lucumi/Lukumi every newcomer begins their journey by learning to build a relationship with their ancestral spirits. We say that “if we stand tall it is because we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and are reaching for the Orishas“.
To the Lucumi people and to their ancestors, the spirits of the dead were friendly allies. They didn’t fear the spirits of the dead, they petitioned them for help and honored them with libations and offerings. Back in Yoruba land, families would bury their deceased loved ones in the floors of their homes. Their beloved ancestors were literally under their feet and still lived close to the family. The dead are considered spiritually close to humanity and have a vested interest in our success.

we say the dead give birth to the orishas (The dead give way to the orishas).

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