Santeria : The 8th of September is Oshun’s feast day

Oshun is a female Orisha who is part of the Orishas of head (which means she is received by the head). She represents the intensity of the feelings, spirituality, human sensuality and linked to it, delicacy, finesse, and from her love and femininity radiate sweetness.

She protects pregnant women and those who give birth. She is represented as a beautiful and generous woman, cheerful, smiling but internally, she can be severe, suffering and sad. She represents religious rigour and symbolizes an implacable punishment.

She is the only one that reaches Olofin’s feet to implore for the humanbeings of earth. In nature, she is symbolized by the rivers. She is the Apetebi (the religious companion) of Orunmila.

She is related to jewelries, body ornaments and money. She likes perfumes, pearls, combs, make-up, powders, mirrors, for the gorgeous woman she is.

She is the goddess of a river that bears her name in Nigeria. It is said that she lived in a cave that still exists in Ijesa, Nigeria, north of Nile. She was shangó’s second wife.

In Nigeria, she is revered in many parts of Yorubaland and it is in the city of Osogbo where her river passes, that she has the greatest number of believers. The name of Osogbo comes from the union of Oshun and Ogbo.

It is because she saved this city that the king gave it her name. In Africa, his messenger is the crocodile. His followers bring him offerings to the river to ask his favors.
Oshun is the Orisha of the fresh water and the river. her name comes from the Yorùbá Osún.

She saved the world by flying like a Turkey vulture (ibú kolékind) a kind of Buzzard, she also speaked with Olofin, when Olokun sent the deluge.

When you get her as an Orisha, you have to do a ceremony at the river at least 5 days before. As a reward for saving the world, all Iyawó before receiving Osha Akua Kua Lerí must go to the river to show respect and offer the Ochinchi and give her Obí.

She is syncretized with the Virgin of the Charity of Copper, patron saint of Cuba. Her number is the 5 and his multiples.
Her colour is the yellow in all its nuances.

She is greeted with this prayer: yalodde yeyé kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!