Santeria : Osain the medecin man

Africans believed that the Saints left Earth, went to heaven and then graduated to it in the form of rain. That this water fall in the rivers and these became Chinese stones that take the color according to the Oricha (Some white other black, some yellow and other roses Carmelite and so on). They always venerated the rivers because they were the representation of the African Orishas, they realized that Nigeria had 16 rivers, the main is named Chango and the other 15 flow into this.

Such stones were collected and one by one they were asked with Coconut oracle if they had the spirit of a particular saint. If the coco they said yes, Then it was prepared and washed with the omiero of Osain.

Omiero means the bath that is given to the stones with 21 Herbs and other ingredients like the Ahumada fish, the jutia, the amount of guineas peppers equivalent to the number of the saint, holy water, lard, honey, cocoa butter, ache of the saint and cascarilla.

These baths are prepared by the Oriate with the help of other Santeros, you always need a group of religious to do them, the Oriate must always be accompanied in this ceremony. In order to prepare the baths of the stones, 21 herbs are placed on the mats (they can not be less than 21). And the juice is well extracted, since this is what gives life to these spirits.

That is why Osain is one of the most important god; He is the very life of this earth and he is the god medecin man. The Osainist has the knowledge of all ewes (herbs) that heal and kill; Has a very great faculty because it thereby saves a person from the same death or cures them from a bad disease. Then animals are sacrificed.

The blood of animals strengthens that spirit so that it develops and grows, so that the saint can speak to his children. If there is no sacrifice, the snail does not speak to its children in the same way that the child who is not suckled by his mother does not grow or strengthen. The same thing happens with the Saint, there must be sacrifice. From the beginning of the world there has been sacrifice to achieve a miracle.

In all beliefs, something has been sacrificed to God and to the gods. The same thing happens on the African continent, perhaps the most primitive, but with that, a lot of people have been saved. Primitive, but very spiritual.

Remember that the One who is not spiritually filled, will be empty and will lack all the good that has the human being.

Being a good human being is the beginning of spirituality.