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Santeria: Letter of the Year 2021

Letter of the Year 2021

IFA Predictions for the world

La Habana in Cuba from the early morning hours of this January 1st, Babalawo’s from the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba and the Miguel Febles Padron Association of Cuba from the Yoruba religion released the Letter of the Year 2021 for Cuba and the world, which contains the advices and the offerings for the upcoming year .

To the Priests of IFA, Obbases, Babalochas, Iyalochas, Iworos and to religious in general.

On December 31st, 2020, the members of the Organizing Commission of the Letter of the Year, made up by the Council of Senior Priests of IFA and the Miguel Febles Padron Association of Cuba, met at the headquarters of the Religious Institution Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.

Priests leaders of the four most important branches of our Afro-Cuban legacy of Cuba, to carry out the Opening Ceremony of the lettre of the Year 2021.

Presided by Cuba’s elder Babalawo, Angel (Bebo) Padrón “Awo Baba Eyiobe” and supported by IFA Priests from all Cuban families and their descendants in the world.

Ruling Sign: IKAFUN



Prophetic saying:

Ire Ariku Oyainle Lese Orunla


A Firm and Safe Health recovery in the world provided by Orula


Onishe: For 8 days put different Addimu to Orula and on the eighth day take those offerings to the river and sacrifice an « Adie » to the offerings and to the river.

Obatala: Sacrifice 2 « acuaro », with 16 slices of bread, cocoa, husk and 2 candles.

Oniche Ile (House): Wash the House with 8 Obatala Herbs

Ruling Divinity: OLOKUN

Companion: OSHUN


Blue with Yellow edges


1 Akuko, 1 River Stone, River Water, Bread Crumbs, Lands from 16 different Places, Sweaty Clothes, 8 Strips of different colors and the other Ingredients.

Sayings of the Sign:

Who laughs last laughs better.
Sometimes what you don’t like is what you have to do.

Diseases that will increase their index :

Contagious infectious diseases
Gastrointestinal Diseases
Nervous System Diseases

Events of social interest :

Increased lack of respect for authority in general.
Breaches and end of agreements.
Increase in natural disasters that lead to loss of both material and human life.
Increase in migratory flow.
Increase in loss of human life as a result of illegal emigration.
Increase in Violations, territorial, legal, sexual.
Increase in political, social and religious tensions that can lead to conflict.
There may be an increase in maternal and child mortality due to poor procedures.
Increase in the ingestion of alcoholic beverages.
Increase in the rates of scams, robberies and assaults.
Increase in false consecrations and religious profanations.
Increase in moral deformation.
Increase in food and beverage adulterations that generate food poisoning.
Increase in criminal acts.

This sign requires everyone to comply with religious recommendations


We call upon the World Society to carry out an analysis on the high level of corruption that exists in all spheres.
We ask the family’s to teach respect, education, and the love of work.
Maintain established sanitary hygiene measures.
Comply with and respect the laws of each country to avoid legal problems.
Combat promiscuity at home.
Periodic health check-ups are recommended.
It is recommended to increase personal hygiene, hand washing, wearing masks.
Respect is recommended within marriage to avoid breakups.
Analyze the consequences of favors and commitments.
We recommend to do « rogation de cabeza » with two « eyele funfun ».
Increase family financial planning to avoid loss of money and debt.
Bring tribute to Olokum and to the sea.
The Aleyos and Iworos that have awaiting consecrations should be realized this year,
Be selective with the people you choose to consecrate.
Be selective when choosing your religious family.

Translation by Oshebile


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