IFA Santeria

Santeria: Every 28th of June we celebrate Oggun’s day

Oggun is the Orisha that represents and is the patron of the blacksmiths, of the wars, of technology, of the surgeons of the army as well as everything that needs uniforms and of all the ones that works in some way or another with the metals or some metal in particular.

Oggun the Orisha warrior is characterized by having a strong and violent character, but above all with his enemies, and his symbol is the machete, with which he faces each and every one of his enemies, but also used to break through, between the abundant vegetation and flora that can exist in a jungle or in a mountain.

When his brother Eleggua opens roads, it is he (Oggun) the great warrior in charge of protecting and securing those roads or those opportunities that are presented to the practitioners and believers of the religion.

His clothing consists of a vest and purple pants, he wears a flat cap, he also wears an ornate belt with long palm fibers and on her shoulder a tiger skin bag that is also adorned with snails. The favorite number of Oggun is 3 as well as their multiples, your preferred day is Tuesday as well as the days
4 of each month. You are greeted! Oke Oggun! Oggun Kobú Aguanilé!

Orisha Oggun is the second in Cuban Santeria (rule of Ocha), this because this (Oggun) is the owner of the machete (Embelebobo) and comes
just behind Eleggua, who as we said before is his brother and is the one who opens the way.

Oggun is said to be in charge of taking justice into his own hands, without caring what others will say or what they may think, all thanks to his great and strong character and that attitude of great violence towards his enemies, what makes him an impulsive deity who loses control when he rages and is extremely severe.

Oggun family
Son of Obbatalá and Yemu (hence the direct messenger of the first), and as we have already said, he has Eleggua, Shangó, as brothers Oshosi, Osun and in some patakis also of Dada, who are also deities.

Offerings and dances

Oggun can be given in offering all kinds of animals, that are sacrificed for him are always accepted in a very good way, since the simple action of sacrifice represents this deity.
It is usually offered to this deity honey, smoked fish, cacao butter, as well as toasted corn and liqueur, being this one, preferably the gin or the moonshine which is the alcoholic beverage more similar to the one used by the Yorubas .

He is known for two characteristics dances, the dance of the warrior as well as the dance of the worker, in the first one he breaks into the air with his machete throwing it downwards, while he advances with one foot and the other one is dragging and in the second one, in which he makes the mimic as if he were hammering with the machete like a blacksmith or as if he were harvesting with his tool.