Santeria : The 24th of sptember is the day of Orisha Obatala

The Virgin of the Mercedes or Our Lady of the Mercedes, also called the Queen of Peace, is one of the advocations of the Virgin Mary.

 According to the legend, in 1218 San Pedro Nolazco had a vision of the Blessed Virgin who became known as La Virgen de la Merced, urging him to found a religious order with the aim of redeeming captive Christians.

The religious order was known as the Order of Mercy. The devotion to the Virgin of Mercy was spread throughout Spain, France and Italy from the thirteenth century and later on by America.

In the images it is represented with a white cloak, the Scapular of the Order of Mercy, broken chains and the shackle. The Virgin of Mercy is the patron of unjust prisoners or captives.

Is also known as the Queen of Peace, General of the Celestial Armies and The Woman Clothed in the Sun.

Currently the Church of Our Lady of Mercy continues to function as a Catholic church.
It is the seat of several pious and social associations.


When Obatala the Orisha Danse

When Obatala the Orisha Danseedit

June 9 2019

Obatala (known as Obatalá in Latin America and Yoruba mythology) is an Orisha. He is believed to be the Sky Father and the creator of […]Read More

Santeria : Ritual to Obatala for the money

Santeria : Ritual to Obatala for the moneyedit

August 26 2017

Obatalá is the kindly father of all the orishas and all humanity. He is also the owner of all heads and the mind. Though it […]Read More

The pantheon of orishas: Obatala

The pantheon of orishas: Obatalaedit

May 25 2012

 He is the father of the orishas who was sent by Olofin to create the earth and humankind and impose justice in the world. Obatala […]Read More

Santeria :  7th of september is the day of Yamaya, Yemanja, Yemaya Olokun

Santeria : 7th of september is the day of Yamaya, Yemanja, Yemaya Olokunedit

September 7 2019

Yemayá is a feminine orisha, she is the mother of all the sons and all the girls on the planet. She represents the uterus of […]Read More

Santeria: Baths to attract good luck and love

Santeria: Baths to attract good luck and loveedit

July 10 2015

If you want to attract good luck, you can prepare a bath with regular tap water, water of a fresh coconut and coconut soap better […]Read More

How to prepare a throne for the orishas

How to prepare a throne for the orishasedit

September 7 2014

A throne is an ephemeral structure made with colored fabrics called “paños de santos” used to cover them and pedestals on which the orishas are […]Read More

The pantheon of orishas. Osun

The pantheon of orishas. Osunedit

October 12 2013

He is a major orisha who acts as a messenger to Obatala and Olofin. Orula relies on him to obtain the power and knowledge needed […]Read More

The pantheon of orishas. Oshosi

The pantheon of orishas. Oshosiedit

October 12 2013

He is a hunter, an explorer and the protector of warriors. He is closely tied to the orisha Obatala, whose translator he is. Oshosi guides […]Read More

The pantheon of orishas. Eleggua

The pantheon of orishas. Elegguaedit

October 12 2013

He is the master of the paths, crossroads and gates of this world. Known as Elegba or Eleggua, he is the god of luck, but […]Read More


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