Santeria : 7th of september is the day of Yamaya, Yemanja, Yemaya Olokun

Yemayá is a feminine orisha, she is the mother of all the sons and all the girls on the planet. She represents the uterus of all species and the source of life. She symbolizes fertility and motherhood. She is a head Orisha which at the end has received the dominion on the surfaces of the seas and that is why she is symbolized by the waves of the sea, her dance simulates their movements.

Yemayá was born when Olofin decided to create the world after he quenched the original fire with water, suggesting that Yemaya is as old as Obatala and that she would have lost, for her powerful character her hegemony over the world while she was the most powerful.

She is an Orisha who when she punishes, is quite inflexible although she has often shown herself as a loving and caring mother, she has excellent divination gifts, first she stole the Ekuele of Orula who Afterwards he handed over the Cauris to make the consultations; She is recognized as the owner of the waters and the source of all life.

The etymology of her name comes from the Yorùbá : Yemòjá (Yeyé: mother – Omo: son – Eyá: Fish), which literally means mother of fishes and according to the belief, she is the mother of all because we swim like fishes in the placenta of our mother.

According to the Santería’s beliefs, when her children call her, they must touch the floor, then kiss the tips of their fingers. The symbols that represent her are: a sun, a moon, an anchor, a life belt, two oars, a star, a key, a boat and 7 silver bracelets.

Her receptacle is a blue and white tureen containing the Otá where they live in water; The foods most often offered are coconut sweets, flowers, watermelons, okra with green banana balls or yams, oranges, bananas, tiny little shrimps, among others. As for the animals to sacrifice, it can be a duck, a goat, a ram, a rooster …

She is also very happy when offered roses and, when her children are sick, they should bring a basket of white roses to the seaside and call her there while you throw the roses in the water.

Among the objects of power from this Orisha, we find the Agbegbe, a sort of fan made of duck or peacock feathers and decorated with mother-of-pearl and shells; as well as an object made with horsehair with blue and white pearls; and a bell with which she is called.

The children of Yemayá are distinguished by their voluntary nature, strength and rigor. they can also sometimes be impetuous, maternal or paternal and arrogant, with a changing character like the sea, so that by the time they seem calm, suddenly they may change. On many occasions, men generally have an effeminate or nuanced attitude. They are also people who love luxury, magnificence and high self-esteem.

Characteristics of the Orisha:

-Names: Yemanjá, Yemaja, Yemaya Olokún

-To greet her: Omío Yemaya Omoloddé! Yemaya Ataramawa!

-Her number: 7 and its multiples

-Her celebration Date: September 7th

-Her Color: blue

-Her Day of the week: Saturday

-She Syncretise with: Virgin of Regla