Ricardo Burgois Okana Ka, died yesterday

Ricardo Burgois Okana Ka
Ricardo Burgois Okana Ka

Iku lobi Osha

Dear friends,

Yesterday, we lost our Padrino (Sponsor) and friend, Ricardo Burgois Okana Ka Omo Eleggua Eshu Tolu. That Olofin accompanies him on the path of Ara Onu.
The religious ceremony ” el Ituto ” has been realized in Ricardo’s temple ” Ilé ” of Matanzas, Cuba.

He will always stay in our prayers.
For those who did not know him:

Ricardo was in love with Ifa,
A man of faith,
Always available master, taking care of other more than his own wellness,
A generous man whom put his love of others before money,
Betrayed by many, he always opened his door to those who looked  for faith,
A man with a big sense of humor,
A wise person with so much knowledge that he gaved envi to learn,
A man with an emphatie that I never saw in others,
Our guide who accompanied us until the end and never dropped us.

He died peacefully in the arms of Miguel accompagned by his wife, Teresa Dickinson, Omi Sayaddé, although surrounded with babalawos and santeros of the family, know she is going to need all the religious support from worldwide to overcome this terrible loss.
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We wish you all, the best for this new year and take the occasion of it to say all the love you have for your loved ones.
I assure you that’s worth it.

A la Iburu, A la Iboya, A la Ibosheshe,

Julien Ifaladé, Awo ni Orunmila & Montserrat, Oshun Bomire, Apetebi de Orunmila
Ilé de Osha-Ifa de

Okana Ika
Okana Ika