Rama Ifalade

First of all, we must insist on moving away the image of witchcraft that is associated with African-American cults that, although they bring the positive or negative forces closer, do not consider their use for evil purposes as a principle.

We are passionate about Yoruba theology that twenty years ago and thanks to our Cuban friend Vivian, like Obatala, Ewin Efun (ibae) we had the privilege of meeting Eleggua at the entrance of her house …

Since then and on numerous trips to Cuba we have tried to deepen the study of Yoruba theology and culture. Little by little we have been accepted and accepted within a recognized religious family in the town of Matanzas (Cuba) and for twelve years we have studied the mysteries and traditions of this inexhaustible culture under the auspices of Babalawo Ricardo, awo Orunmila, Okana Ka .

Ricardo is a highly respected Babalawo in Matanzas Cuba and patriarch of a large religious family whose experience and wisdom are known to all. With your help and approval we edit this portal that tries to gather both the information transmitted by this family and some texts that we have considered of interest. In the Osha rule and in Ifa, each family has its particularities and customs and we transmit ours to you.

These are some of the babalawos, babaloshas, ​​iyaloshas and practitioners of our religious family: Ricardo, Awo Orunmila, Okana Ka; Víctor, Awo Orunmila, Osa Kuleya; Abdul, Awo Orunmila, Ogbe Tua; Domingo, Awo Orunmila Ojuani Birete; Ernesto, Awo Orunmila, Ogbe Ate; Tomas, Awo Orunmila, Baba Ika Melli; Manuel, Awo Orunmila, Ogbe Ate, Esperanza, Omo Oshun; Carmita, Omo Oshun; Nancy, Omo Obatala; Teresa, Omo Yemaya; Yuri, Omo Shango.

We will also publish information about the Palo Monte that has been transmitted to us by Miguel, “Tato Guiro Sounds Strong Above in Nkunia Ceiba Camino 7 Rayos Zarabanda Brillumba Vititi Congo Saca Npeño Camino Cruce Passes through the World Rompe Monte Guinda Vela” and by Elisabeth, “Yayi Chola Rio Hondo Win Battle Ngando 24 hours, Breaks Monte Guinda Vela” and the members of his religious family living in Mexico.

Iboru, iboya, ibosheshe

Julian, Omo Aña Omi Relekun, Omo Yemaya, Awo ni Orunmila Ifaladé, Ogbe She

Montserrat, Omo Oshun, Apetebí Ayafa, Oshun Bomire

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