New course date: “La Santeria”

Online english speaking seminary offers you a four-hour module dedicated to everything you always wanted to know about Santeria: what is Santeria, the cult of the dead, Afro-Cuban animism, why the colored necklaces and who is who, who does what, how it works.

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Julian, awo ni Orunmila Ifaladé (babalawo) and Montserrat, omo Oshun, Oshun Bomire (santera), both initiated in Cuba nineteen years ago, have more than twenty years of religious practice that allow them to share the understanding and the fascinating world of Santeria.

Course program:

Welcome and opening ritual with Eleggua

Origins of Santeria and the Yoruba people
Eggun, the spirit of the dead
Differences between ceremonies, consecrations and initiations
The priests of the Osha-Ifa rule
Who are the Oshas and Orishas in the Osha-Ifa rule
Necklaces and their meaning
Divination systems: the obi, the diloggun, the oracle of Ifa
What is an ebbo and the different types of offerings
Drums in Afro-Cuban religions
Demonstration of a diloggun consultation

At the end, you will be given a summary document and a glossary to avoid taking notes and to fully enjoy the course.

Date, price and general conditions

The next course will be held in English or Spanish, in a face-to-face or online group of 10 people maximum, in a cozy and festive atmosphere.

The course will take place in Paris (France), Mexico DF (Mexico) or in Alicante (Spain). The place will be communicated two weeks before the start of the course.

The price is 70 euros.

For pre-registration or for any additional information, please send an email to the following direction:

obeshe [at]

The registration will be confirmed with the deposit, five days before the completion of the course, of the amount of 30 euros in the PayPal account that will be communicated to you after pre-registration.

If the number of registrations is insufficient, we reserve the right to delay the course date and the amounts entered as the signal will be returned.


Julian, Awo ni Orunmila Ifaladé

Montserrat, omo Oshun, Oshun Bomire