Letter of the year 2014 for California

ekuele Odù Ìyási Edún (Letter of The Year) 2014 for California and near neighborhoods states
This past December 31 of 2013, a series of ceremonies were made in the last day of 2013
we ended the year  with Ifá Divinations for this coming Year 2014 known as “The Letter of
the Year” This is a very important  ceremony were we give the predictions of what the year
brings, which  led to sacrifices and offerings to more than twenty-five positions,  The
youngest  Ifá priest took out the sigh he was in charge  of Atefá the Letter  , this ceremony
was done by various Ifá priests (Babalawos), Olòrìshàs (Santeros and Santeras),
practitioners and followers of the Yorùbá religion.  The final ceremony took place in the
residence (House-Temple) of Erwing Medal Awo Òrúnmìlà Omo Odù Ogbe Suru located at
7323 S. Alameda St. address, California 90001.
Ifa Priests witnesses of the Ceremonies:
Diógenes Quintana Omo Odù Awo Òdí-Fumbo
Lázaro Armando Dacal  Omo Odù Awo Òbàrà-Kànà
Erwing Medal Omo Odù Awo Ogbè-Suru
Lázaro Dreke  Awo Baba Èjìogbè
Luis Pineda Awo Ìrèté-Laso
Julio Cesar Vázquez Awo Ifátólá
Agustín  Gutiérrez  Jr. Awo Ògúnda Méjì
Guillermo Calixtro Awo Baba Òdí Méjì
Héctor Martínez  Awo Baba Èjìogbè
Frank Esquivel  Awo Ìrèté-Ansa
José Sánchez Awo Ìròso-Dí
Alberto García Awo Òtura Méjì
Alberto Pineda Awo   Òbàrà-Juani
Pedro Arceo Awo Òbàrà-Bogbè
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Òtura-Pompeyo
Freddy Burgueño Awo Baba Ìròso Méjì
Augusto Small Awo Òtura-Adàkoi
Mohamed  Hamed  Awo Ìrèté -Wan Wan
Ruling Sign: Ìrèté-Ìròso also known as:
Ìrèté-Laso, Ìrèté Osun, Ìrèté -Irosun, Atenerosun, Ìrèté -Erìjíyan
Prophecy: Ire Arikú lese Agayu:
A blessing of good health by means of Agayu.
Ruling Deity: Òrúnmìlà.
Òrúnmìlà is the deity of divination wisdom was the soothsayer of the Òrìshàs in heaven ,
He guides us in our lives to be Elérìí ìpín ( witness the creation ) human and part of
existence ,  is Òrúnmìlà which left us through IFA oracle codes Olódùmarè (God) in order
to solve the various problems we face throughout the course of our lives,  in Cuba is called
Òrúlà, Òrúnmìlà or in other regions of the island is call Òrúnlà, its original heavenly name
Agbónìrègún is also known by Èlà meaning spirit of purity and the first incarnation of the
spirit of the destination or Òrúnmìlà , the deity has several titles that do see how big and
important it is within the Yoruba pantheon , if the women receive  Òrúlà  she becomes  the
Apetebi of Òrúnmìlà which means wife or guardian of Òrúnmìlà , the ones who have
Òrúnmìlà  have received all the rites properly  by their God Father and Babalawos
receivers  will see that this  is a very simple deity yet very  powerful capable of protecting
and guarding us  , the deity has the power to enlighten and make the Òrìshàs work under
his direction in order to have our clean way and the negative events disappear or weaken
when they are inexorable . Òrúnmìlà is Ibìkéjì Olódùmarè ( second in rank after God)
colors vary according to the practitioner tradition , the most common is  green and yellow,
the Afro-Latin tradition is also green and brown coffee in traditional Nigerian . In our
worship this deity is syncretized with St. Francis of Asis and his day is on October 4 .
Deity Companion: Òshun.

Òshun is an  Female Òrìshà . Her spirituality lives in Ile Ibú (Rivers) she is the owner of
rivers, she represents femininity sensuality, she also represents  the whole process of
pregnancy in women for she being the first Female Òrìshà that low to the ground which is
explained in the Odù ( Sign ) Òshé-Tura, the metal is gold which represents monetary
prosperity , her colors are mostly amber, yellow and Corals, her necklaces vary depending
on the path of her deity , her astral number is 5 . she is the Goddess of Love , In  Cuba and
many other parts of Latin America and the United States she is  syncretized as our Lady of
La Caridad del Cobre , In Mexico Many believers call her  La Virgen de Guadalupe , Her day
is September 8 .
Flag of The Year: Rectangular Half Green and Half Yellow.
Recommended work to do this year:
Pray to the deity Agayu with 2 coconuts , 2 candles and a gourd with fresh water.  to
prevent  brain problems coral’s root is crushed and leaves coralillo to make omi èrò  the
head is washed  with omi èrò followed an sacrifices with Indian Rooster over of the Gallo
person to Shàngó. to prevent  problems in the legs is sacrificed an Akuko (Rooster ) over
knees to Èshú on a pipe .
We must do the work in the yard giving Akuko to Osun then throw Epo(Palm Oil) Hot and
Omi Tutu  (Fresh Water)  and take a spiritual bath with omi èrò of leaves Salvia.
Ebo the Year: Akuko (Rooster) , Eyele funfun Méjì (Two White Doves) , as head , glass , 4
ìgbín (4 slugs ), coal, Atitan Ile (Earth House ) , Asho Ara (used clothing ) and other
ingredients. The Ebo Earth and the Community will be held on February 8th at 2:00 pm at
7323 S. St. Alameda , California 90001 . Each person must bring dirt  from home, a piece of
used clothing and a donation of $ 21.00 .
Important Deities for this Year:
Osun de Extensión, Agayu, Òsányìn, Òrúnmìlà, Asowano. People who have receive
Osun by a  Olòrìshàs these people should  reinforced  their osun by a Babalawo as this
sign speaks of  Osun  low ground and Osun being Òrúnmìlà’s Cane.
Proverbs of The Letter:
1 – Osun spins but lands on his feet.
2 – Mass your spiritual ancestors to the four winds and you will be saved.
3 – The body is not corrupted by not being met. 4 – Have things forward and not be seen.
5 – At the village and sees the houses.
6 – Hands Game, Games Villains.
Ifá says that this year it is recommended that we maintain mutual respect between
partners to prevent splitting separation between couples , Godchildren  must also maintain
and enhance respect to their godparents  or  sponsors and their elders in religion, Ifá
recommends parents to have more communication  with their children ,  parents should be
role models to their children by doing their duty and responsibility as parents giving their
children a good example, parents should spend more time with their children ,  IFA Advises
young girls  to be careful and take care of them self’s not to be seduce by older people
taking the risk of becoming pregnant, We must be careful with people outside the nucleus
family who we take home , this Odù (sign) that came out is  talking  about Ire(positively) as
long as we maintain appropriate behavior this will be a good year for interpersonal
relationships and family, because in this Odù (Sign) Osun down round and callus standing ,
we must be very careful with the use of firearms and bladed weapons , we must be careful
especially  if we have them  at home , you must  have a strict control of arm fires  to prevent
gun accidents , it is recommended be careful with the use of fire , this year you should be
modern in  consuming alcohol .
This year is recommended to have maximu security in homes , businesses, signing
documents , business transactions and investments because rates of crime such as theft
and cheating are at high levels, to succeed and prosper economically must not lose faith
and maintained regular communication with Òrúnmìlà, consult with Òrúnmìlà before
beginning or making decisions in a business partnership , Ifá that care must be taken with
the affections of the head generally says , it is recommended to be pray your head with
Pargo and make the works described in this sign , we must be careful when falling we could
hurt our knees , when Osun falls it announces misfortunes , people should do blood checks
to avoid this problems like anemia , diabetes , pressure etc. . It will be a year that the
discovery of new drugs will be highlighted.
Ifá says that this year the immigration reform will be solved gradually , this sign says that
deportations will decrease , immigrants without legal status should benefit from the laws
and prevent illegal to not be deported because this sign Azowano was taken from house
Ògún for bad behavior , Ifá says it will be a year of many earthquakes and volcanic activity
since Agayu in this sign became a deity, the hot season will be advanced and high
temperatures will have record numbers in many areas . It will be a year of many armed
movements among nations.

History: The Trap against  Òrúnmìlà
Ebo : Akuko , Adie , a trap , Omi tutu (fresh water).
Òrúnmìlà lived in a wooden house was a wise soothsayer and  had many Araye (Enemies)
These enemies planned and agreed to burn the house of Òrúnmìlà as they envy  him.  From
the front door to below the room where Òrúnmìlà consulted they dug a tunnel without
Òrúnmìlà knowing made  a hole in the floor  sink ,  they got enough litter and firewood
which was set on fire, Osun  was by  the right side of Òrúnmìlà moved by the warmth he
felt , seeing Òrúnmìlà that Osun moved put him in charge  , consultation with Ifá he told
him about the trap and a lot of fire,  Òrúnmìlà   then grabbed many buckets of water and
started throwing water on the floor , he saw  the cracks had fire down, then grabbed a stick
to break the floor and was saved. All his enemies surrendered and came and told Òrúnmìlà
– “Do with us what you want. ” Òrúnmìlà said, ” All I want is for you to repent and make Ifá
so you guys know what I know. ”
Òrúnmìlà    then realized Osun  was a saint who had the function of warning and remove
all the evil that came  our way , for that reason this sign describes  Osun as  Òrúnmìlà cane

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