Ifa’s letter of the year 2020 for Cuba and the rest of the world


To the priests of Ifa, the brothers Oriaté, Babaloshas, ​​Iyaloshas and Iworos, religious people in general and to whom it may interest.

On January 1st, 2020, the members of the Letter of the Year Commission meet at the headquarters of the Religious Institution Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba (ACYC) to perform the Opening Ceremony of the year 2020. Presided by the Priest of Ifa Ángel Custodio Padrón «Awo Baba Eyiogbe» and with the support of the Priests of Ifa of all the families of Cuba and their descendants in the world. Took out the Letter of the Year the youngest Priest.

Regent Sign: Ogunda Biode (Ogunda Eyiogbe)

1st. Witness: Irete Ansa (Irete Osa)

2nd Witness: Baba Eyiogbe

Prophetic saying: Osogbo Acoba Lowo Araye. Orunmila Orile.

Onishe: Adimu Obi Merin. (4 coconuts)

Ebbó: Akuko, Acofa Meta, 3 buns, joro joro land, Eku, Eya, Awado, 3 arrows on the buns and other ingredients

Divinity that rules: Oshun

Accompanying deity: Obatala

Flag of the year: Yellow with white trim

Works for the Ifa Sign of the Year 2020.

Offerings for Orunmila: Aladimu ni Obi merin (Offering 4 coconuts to Orunmila, ask obi abata to know the number of days and destination of said offering)

Ebbo Recommended for the Year 2020:

Ebo: 1 Akuko, acofa goal, atitan ile ni jorojoro, Ekueya, Exhausted, 3 buns, 3 arrows on each bun. (1 adult rooster, land of a natural hole, Eku, Eya, roasted corn, 3 flour buns, place 3 small brass arrows, or aluminum on each bun)

The sign that governs the Year 2020.

• The Osun of Osain (it is recommended to worship Osain very much and that whoever has it marked, receive it)
• Human destruction by pork (it is recommended to reduce the intake of this meat).
• That the dead be buried (it is time to establish new patterns of both behavior and action, it is time to banish from our lives everything that is expired).
• The representation of Olofin (Olodumare, creator god in Yoruba mythology) on earth.
• Cadaveric decomposition.
• That the Babalawos eat of the chickens offered as a sacrifice for Ifa.
• The sadness and melancholy of Yemaya.
• Here Osun brings wealth to Orunmila.
• Here Opa Osun is speechless.
• The marks are placed on the Opele-Ifa to recognize the appropriate Ifa sign.
• Yemaya charged and cradled Ifa.

Diseases and conditions of care in this year:

• Diseases of the reproductive system.
• Impotence at an early age, as a result of prostate problems in men and the abuse of drugs and preparations to increase male virility and potency.
• Sexually transmitted diseases.
• Diseases derived from alcohol consumption.

Sign Sayings:

• Do not eat Okra (kimbombó) to avoid humiliation and disappointment.
• Do not eat Akra to avoid bad luck.
• Do not tell lies to avoid bad fortune
• Do not steal or misappropriate something to avoid the wrath of the

• Do not pay good with evil to avoid the slow disaster that would get through our lives painfully.
• Do not fool our spouse to avoid shame and humiliation.
• Do not wear red dresses to avoid bad luck.
• Do not break any anthill or use part of it for any akose to avoid problems.
• Do not use anything that has a monkey of any kind painted or drawn to avoid the wrath of our ancestors.
• Never conspire against someone to avoid the wrath of the divinities.

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