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How to prepare a throne for the orishas

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A throne is an ephemeral structure made with colored fabrics called “paños de santos” used to cover them and pedestals on which the orishas are placed.

The fabrics are attached to the walls of the room, superimposed on top of each other, forming folds so that the result is harmonious. The colors of the fabrics usedcorrespond to the colors of the orishas and oshas:

– Eleggua: red and black

– Oggun: green and black

– Oshosi: blue and yellow

– Obatala: White

`- Oshun: yellow and gold

– Oya: all colors except black

– Shango: red and white

– Yemaya: blue and white

We set up a pedestals using boxes or large objects that after covered by fabrics are prepared. On the pedestals are placed the tureen containing the fundamentals of the orishas.

On the floor at the foot of the pedestal mats are arranged on that will be depositing the offerings: cakes, fruits and beverages of all kinds. Do not walk on it with shoes because it is sacred ground.

The offerings depend of the osha or the Orisha because each one has their preferences:

– A Eleggua: guava, coconut, bananas, tropical fruits, rolls, sweet tight coconutmalarrabia, candies, sweets.

– A Oggun and Oshosi: watermelon, green coconut, green plantains, tropical fruits, canemolasses, sweet tight coconut agguidi, malarrabia (sweet potato),

– A Obatala puts it: cherimoya, guava, pears, white grapes, tropical fruits and sandywhite pulp, meringues, rice pudding with salt, white milk custard, sweet white coconut.

– A Oshun: honey, orange, canistel, yellow plum, tropical fruits, cooked or raw pumpkin,egg custard, fine candies, pumpkin pudding, candy syrup, fresh fruit,

– A Oya: purple fruit: star apple, grapes, purple plums, prunes, Indian banana,chocolate custard, dulce de coco tight,

– A Shango: green plantain, Indian banana, red apple, mamey colorado, all kinds of red fruit.

– A Yemaya: green plantain balls, mariquitas de banana, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, grapes, water pears, apples, oranges, cane molasses, malarrabia, tight sweet coconut, burnt coconut, ripe banana molasses,

In a corner of the room, leave a basket where visitors parading and pay homage to the throne can leave their monetary offerings. That money should be saved and used to acquire new powers in religion. The throne not necessarily have to be opulent but should be prepared with faith and joy that is also shared by the participants of the cérémony.

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