December 4, Shango day

As the 4th of December, Shango Festival approaches, I wish all readers and visitors that they may receive Shango’s energy, blessing and protection to overcome problems and defeat enemies. So asks Montserrat, omo Oshun Bomiré, in front of my guardian angel Oshun Ibú Kolé and in front of my father Osha, Shango. Ashé to all her children.

Shango was, alive, one of the founders of the Yoruba kingdom in Nigeria and the king of the city of Oyo. He was a brave and very attractive warrior who loved women and the good life. Shango had as wives Oya, Obba and Oshun. Oya was Oggun’s wife and for that he had fierce fights with him. Oya accompanied Shango to war.

He is the god of war and the master of lightning, thunder, sacred music and drums called batá, which are played during important ceremonies. Shango, also called Kabiosile, is the son of Yemaya and Aggayu Sola but he was brought up by Obbatala because Yemaya did not want him. When Obbatala and his wife Yemu adopted him, they gave him a red and white necklace and a castle and told him that he would be the ruler of the world. When he came down to earth, he took away his castle, his pylon and the divination tray. When he arrived he lived with the Congo people but he had problems because of his character and he was exiled. As he was walking he met Orula and offered him the divination tray because he considered him a respectful and righteous man. From that moment, he will do divination with seashells and coconuts.

Shango is a godson of Osain and he prepared a secret for him so that he could release fire from his mouth, without getting burned, and thus be able to defeat his enemies. Shango is a very violent Orisha but he is afraid of egguns (spirits).

Shango’s natural throne is the palm tree, which is dedicated to him. From his throne he takes care of the hunters, fishermen and warriors, he speaks, he works and he receives the offerings.

Here are some of Shango’s favorite offerings:

  1. Corn flour with okra
  2. Plantain bananas
  3. Red apples
  4. Any type of red fruit
  5. Grilled corn
  6. Raw or cooked yam
  7. Barley
  8. Alpiste
  9. Red wine
  10. Brandy

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