December 31 is Osain’s day

Osain is the Orisha of the sticks and the vinyards.

Osain or Ozain is a wise orisha and diviner of the Yoruba pantheon. He is characterized mainly by the fact that he is a great connoisseur of nature, he is able to save the lives of the aleyo and to ward off death.

The main characteristics of this orisha is that he is lame, one-eyed and one-armed :

He can be recognized by certain physical characteristics because he has a left arm and a right leg shorter than the other and has only one eye.

He also has a very large ear which cannot hear and a small one through which he hears what no one can hear.

he hops on one foot and trots, leaning on a cane made of woven roots.

The story goes that he is nobody’s son and has no brothers, nor does he have a wife. He was not born in the traditional way, but one day he appeared out of the earth.

He smells of sap and it is better not to get too close to him, you have to greet it and treat it with great respect. Saint Silvester and Osain resemble each other physically, they have a twisted mouth, a big head and they speak affectionately to the faithful through the güiro and the pumpkin.



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