December 17 is the day of Saint Lazarus, Babalú Aye

From all over the island of Cuba, but also from abroad to fulfill a promise or to venerate Babalu Aye, some walk to the sanctuary pulling stone, some are crawling on their back, others walk barefoot and others with flowers and candles.

They all go to the National Shrine of San Lázaro in El Rincón to deposit their offerings at Babalu Aye.

The people ask for health for themselves and their families and all kinds of other protections. Thousands of faithful with unrivaled fervor in an impressive crowd that gather to coincide in the sanctuary.

It is also normal to see them in the strollers popularly known as spiders move in groups of up to 20 to fulfill their mission, reach the Corner and go to the fountain in search of holy water, taking it to the church father to bless it. Don’t be surprised to see riders with their horses to bless them and cleanse them to clean them of all evil.


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