December 13, Dada day

Dada, Bayani or Abañele is Shango’s older sister, it was she who raised him and saved him from illness. It was Dada who saved him from syphilis thanks to her adventures, she cured him with milk, that is why it is the main element with which to work her.

This Orisha is supposed to stop venereal disease but it is always wise not to abuse sex so as not to fall out of favor. She was born in 4-4 from the Dilogun.

In a treaty with Olokun the snails came to earth, they were taken by Dada who put them on her head as an ornament.

She is syncretized with Our Lady of the Rosary and Bayani with San Ramón Nonato. Bayani or Abañele has a gourd lined with pearls and snails. She lives in a soup tureen with her hand of snails and they both live on or in front of Shango.

Sweet buns and unsalted cow’s milk with cocoa are his favorite offerings. Dada comes from the land of Ewado where Odudua reigns, so she aspires to receive Odudua who must be received from the hands of a Babalawo. To receive Dada, you must always ask Shango for is opinion.

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