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Cuba: Letter of the Year 2017, Cultural Association Yoruba of Cuba, Commission Miguel Febles Padrón

Miguel-Febles-Padron @
Miguel-Febles-Padron @

The sign which manages the Letter of the Year 2017, from the Cultural Association Yoruba of Cuba together with the Organizing Commission for the letter of the Year Miguel Febles Padrón is «Baba Eyiogbe».
Prophecy: Iré ayé oyale tesi lese Olofin,

who means: a good of development on land, firm and sure at the foot of Olofin.

Governs Oggun accompanied by Yemaya.

The first witness: Ogberoso (Ogbe Iroso)

The second witness: Otura Airá (Otura (Otura Ogunda)

Onishe to Olofin: varied fruits

Onishe to the body: sarayenye with eyele meyi to Oggun, with nine strips of colors.

Ebbo: one akuko, seven machetes, garbage of the sea and other ingredients.

When we have the complete letter with the predictions we will publish it in this pages.

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