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The pantheon of orishas. Oshosi

He is a hunter, an explorer and the protector of warriors. He is closely tied to the orisha Obatala, whose translator he is. Oshosi guides human beings, dictates the rules they must follow and how they should act in society. Oggun, who rules over metal, always accompanies Oshosi, the hunter.Read More

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The pantheon of orishas. Oggun

He is the god of iron, war, and work. Oggun clears all paths with his machete after Eleggua has opened them. He personifies violence, cunning, creativity, and integrity. He is the only orisha that has the right to take life from human beings. He is violent and malicious. Oggun isRead More

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The pantheon of orishas. Eleggua

He is the master of the paths, crossroads and gates of this world. Known as Elegba or Eleggua, he is the god of luck, but also of accidents. He is found at the intersection between humanity and the divine, and is the intermediary between Olorun and human beings, whose offeringsRead More

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