The pantheon of orishas: Obatala

Obatala He is the father of the orishas who was sent by Olofin to create the earth and humankind and impose justice in the world. Obatala is the source of all that is pure, calm, ethical, moral and compassionate. He is the owner of white, the head, dreams and thoughts.

He is respected by all the Orishas who come to him as an arbiter in situations of conflict. It is he who intervenes in fights between Shango and Oggun to make peace. Obatala protects his children from blindness, paralysis and dementia.

His dance represents the calm movements of the elders that sweep the paths of life with a horse’s tail.

His color is white, which contains all the other colors, but that is superior to all.

His number is 8. His attributes are silver, all white metals, and marble.

He is syncretized with the Virgin of Mercy and is celebrated September 24.

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posted on May 25 2012
in Santeria
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