Osha Ifa Rules


Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros; the divine sayings from the letters (signs) of the Dilogún as well as those from the Odun of Ifa; the Ethics Code of such Odun and the Moral Commandments of Ika Fun Odun of Ifa are strongly related to a solid tradition and experience based on religious practice of Olosha, Babalosha, Iyalosha, Oluwo Osain, Oba or Oriate Babalawo and Oluo.

A whole corpus of ideas and performing principles related to the individual and to Osha Ifa as a religious system derives from the divine sayings of the letters of the Dilogun as well as those from the Odun of Ifa; the Ethics Code of such Odun and the Moral Commandments of Ika Fun Odun of Ifa. This ensemble of principles and ideas works as a moral guideline that governs the conduct and relations between human beings who find in this religion a path to balance and towards solutions of their problems in life. Also, they help believers to reach their own goals during their humane existence in full connection with the environment.

All these rules, principles and procedures create a predisposition in the individual to reach the reasoning and reflections through the study and interpretation of the myths; legends and ota(sacred stones) of Osha Ifa. Such reasoning is designed to explain human existence on this earthly plane as well as their behaviour.

The Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros are a full set of recommendations to be studied and learnt by both the initiated in Osha and those initiated in Ifa. These rules and the Yoko Osha Ita contribute to the individual’s achievement of harmony and balance in his/her life which were the reasons why they were initiated in Osha Ifa. Likewise, these rules are essential to reach a higher spiritual level; to develop discipline and good behaviour and they become a means to regulate one’s life.

The accomplishment of the Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros and the Yoko Osha Itá constitute a key step towards the understanding of the Osha Ifa Principles Putting into practice such rules, the Iyawo, Olosha, Babalosha, Iyalosha, Babalawo, etc; can enjoy prestige in society for their social and religious behaviour.

It is a big challenge to be initiated in Osha Ifa since the individual is beholden to sacrifices, purification and character strengthening for which these rules become an invaluable tool.

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