In the initiation of the Guerreros or Warriors, you actually receive several Orishas: Echu Elegguá, Ogún, Ochossi and Osun.They live by your front door and will need to be taken care of every Monday as well as whenever they ask for something via divination. As your knowledge deepens in the religion, the more you will be able to work with these Orishas. Over time, you will be taught how to give obí or coconut to your Guerreros to ask them simple yes or no questions.

Echu Elegguá who is the Messenger of all the Orishas and is the Owner of all the doors and roads. Eshu Elegguá has literally over a hundred paths with different ‘specialties’ for each path. He is received so that he can open your roads in life and close the doors to all the forces that might harm you. Elegguá can be received from Santeros or Babalawos. When you receive Echu from a Babalawo, divination is done to determine which of all these paths of Echu accompanies you, and the secrets with which he is prepared differs for each path. When you receive your Guerreros from a Santero, the path is not determined until you are initiated as a Santera or Santero if that is your path in life.

Ogún is the Orisha of War and is the blacksmith of the Orishas. As Elegguá opens your path, Ogún clears your way of obstructions and gives you the tools with each to build a better life. He is also a might defender ready and willing to take on all comers.

Ochossi is the Hunter of the Orishas and represents the Enforcement of Justice in this world. He helps you to hunt for the good things in life. He helps you to avoid falling into traps and to ensure you are never lost in the wilderness of life. He also comes to your aid and ensures Justice is served when you are wronged or to defend you when falsely accused.

Osun represents your head and your well being, warning you if you are in danger by falling over. Only the Babalawos know the secrets of how to prepare Osun properly.

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