Month: August 2017


Santeria : The origin of the Rumba 1

The Rumba, of African root, arises with irrepressible force in Matanzas. Do not confuse it with the Rumba that later develops in Spain that drinks in the rhythm of the Son of the East. Alejandro Garcàa Caturla (1906-1940) already left a written work for orchestra, entitled “The Rumba”, where heRead More

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Santeria : Osain the medecin man

Africans believed that the Saints left Earth, went to heaven and then graduated to it in the form of rain. That this water fall in the rivers and these became Chinese stones that take the color according to the Oricha (Some white other black, some yellow and other roses CarmeliteRead More

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Santeria : Rituals with Eggun (Ancestors)

Ritual Eggun Hereby you’ll find rituals to realise in front of Eggun that are convenient to do when in a consultation of the diloggun appears the sign okana and some of its combinations as okana tonti ogunda, okana tonti oshe, okana tonti odi, okana tonti ofun and okana tonti merinla.Read More

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Santeria : Ritual to Obatala for the money

Obatalá is the kindly father of all the orishas and all humanity. He is also the owner of all heads and the mind. Though it was Olorun who created the universe, it is Obatalá who is the creator of the world and humanity. Obatalá is the source of all that isRead More

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